Music Education Council, Music Education Awards 2017 Shortlist Announced.

Fiona Pendreigh, MEC Chair Elect and member of the 2017 MEC Music Education Awards Panel announced the short-list for the MEC Music Education Awards on Saturday during the Music Mark Conference.

Following Friday’s announcement of the Long-list, Fiona said “MEC believes these awards offer the opportunity to promote widely the value and importance of everybody’s work, helping to secure the future of high quality music education for all. Choosing just six to form the long list was a supremely difficult task, and narrowing those down further to the top three meant losing some truly inspiring examples of music education delivery.

“Our short-list, therefore, represents the best of the best; each going that extra mile and shining out as true beacons of exemplary practice. Congratulations to the following applicants:

  • Birmingham Music Education Partnership
  • Bristol Plays Music
  • East Ayrshire Council"

Over the coming months, MEC will work with each of these to highlight what it is that makes them stand out from the other submissions and to show how they make a difference.

All three will attend the Rhinegold Music Teacher Awards of Excellence ceremony in February, where the winner will be announced.


Music Education Council, Music Education Awards 2017 Longlist Announced.

Lincoln Abbotts, MEC Trustee and Chair of the 2017 MEC Music Education Awards Panel today announced the long-list for the Awards.

Speaking at the Music Mark Conference, Lincoln said “These awards celebrate the music services and hubs across the UK that demonstrate imaginative, inclusive and all round high-quality music provision. They allow MEC to highlight excellent practice and offer the opportunity to promote widely the value and importance of everybody’s work.

“This year all of the submissions demonstrated elements of exemplary work that MEC will want to share across the coming year. Submissions from the following six stood out from the rest, as being particularly imaginative, creative, ambitious and inspirational.”

The six submissions on the longlist are:

  • Birmingham Music Education Partnership
  • Bristol Plays Music
  • East Ayrshire Council
  • Hampshire Music Hub
  • Portsmouth Music Hub
  • Southampton Music Education Hub

The shortlist will be announced later in the conference, with the winner announced in February 2018 as part of the Awards for Excellence ceremony at Rheingold’s Music and Drama Education Expo.


Booking is now open for the seminar to be held on 14th September at Regent’s University London, Inner Circle, London NW1 4NS

Visit Eventbrite to secure your ticket – places are limited.

And don’t forget – if you are a membership organisation then your members are entitled to purchase tickets at the MEC member rate – please share this posting with your members.

The Future of Music Education for All: 2018 to 2020 and beyond.

Following on from the seminar at Leeds College of Music on July 18th the Music Education Council invites all members and non-members to come together to hear from Keynote speaker Mark Philips Her Majesty's Inspector; Senior HMI in London (confirmed) about music education in schools in England and then to further discuss the key issues and actions for the music education sector leading to music education for all across the UK and across the age range.

Sir Nicholas Kenyon (confirmed) will speak and answer questions relating to the newly established Commission.

Plenty of time for networking and discussion around:

  • MEC’s Key Themes (quality and progression; evidence-based advocacy; and inclusion: access and diversity);
  • Themes of the MEC /ISME project (Social Justice, Well-being and Identity); and
  • The MEC Working Group areas (Adults; ASN/SEND; Early Childhood; HE/ITT; Music Technology; Research; School Music Curriculum and First Access; and Singing)

Attendance at previous seminar NOT necessary. A briefing paper will be sent to all delegates so that the discussions can move on from the previous seminars.

Provisional Programme:

10.30 am Registration

11.00 am Introduction

11.05 am Sir Nicholas Kenyon - The Commission

11.30 Keynote - Mark Philips Her Majesty's Inspector Ofsted (Senior HMI London)

12.30 pm MEC update

12.45 Lunch and networking

13.30 Discussion groups (1)

14.30 Discussion groups (2)

15.30 Plenary feedback and networking (to 16.00)

Book by no later than 11th September to secure your place.


Applications invited for the Music Education Awards 2017

All music education hubs in England and music services in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are invited to submit an application for the Music Education Awards 2017.

The Music Education Awards process has been found to be a valuable exercise for hubs and services to examine their practice and provision and to think about the services that their clients value and need. The Awards themselves aim to promote many forms of excellent music education provision and provide a platform for music services and hubs across the UK to celebrate their good work.

Details and application forms can be found here.

Apply yourself as a head of music service or hub lead - or pass the information on to a service or hub you think should be promoting its excellent practice.

Closing date Monday 9th October.


New Constitution Adopted

At a special meeting on 27th March 2017 a new constitution for MEC was adopted.

Details can be found on the About MEC page of this website.

Nominations will be sought shortly for new posts on the Trustee Board; for membership of the Forum Standing List; and elected members of the Forum.

Nominations will be open to MEC members only so, if you want to get involved in the new look Council do consider joining - see the Join MEC section of the website or e-mail for details.